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Video Production - Dee Voxx Music Studio & Production House

  • Video Song

    We at Deevoxx Music can help you in producing a melodious music video at a very lower cost compared with other production houses. We have our own production house with the in-house expert team of Composers, Recordists, Music Producers, Sound Engineers, Cameramen to give out of the box output.

  • Commercial Ad

    We offer services for Commercial Ad Shoots. We shoot advertisements using advanced technology and in collaboration with skilled and experienced professionals. Our ad team can create an effective ad to promote your products or brand. Contact us to create ad campaign shoots for your products and services especially in the regions of Eastern Uttar Pradesh.

  • Short Film

    Deevoxx Music with a dedicated team of scriptwriter, director, actors, music composer etc. can help in the shoot of a short film. With a wholesome idea of Gorakhpur and adjoining regions, we can help you in selecting the location and can arrange for shooting and editing equipment. We can also arrange camera, VFX, DI to bring out perfection in the shoot.

  • Documentaries

    Deevoxx Music with years of experience in film shooting, can assist you in documentary making. We offer the wide gamut of documentary filmmaking service to our clients. We ensure timely completion of the shoot for a documentary on the corporate world or any social event.

  • Pre Production

    Dee Voxx Studio and Production House is one of the most reputed and well-established recording studios and music production house in Gorakhpur. We have hi-tech editing room for pre-production of a film or broadcast program.

  • Post Production Service

    Hire Dee Voxx Studio and Production House to get the best result from a video shoot. We provide finest post-production services for film making, video production, and photography process.

  • Film Production

    Film Production: Dee Voxx Studio and Production House with its in-house film production house can assist in creating catchy jingles for TV commercials and radio spots. We can arrange everything from location to properties, camera, models, for the shoot.